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REED is an employment agency based in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1960 by Sir Alec Reed CBE. Reed's son, James Reed is the current CEO and Chairman. REED also offers training, outsourcing and HR consultancy services. The company's website,, was established in 1995 and doubles as an employment website. In 2014 Alexa ranked as the UK's largest employment agency website.


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Former Employee - People Team says

"Since the taking over of Reed Recruitment this business is no longer a Tech business. Previous management tried so hard to make it product/tech led. Great talent has left this business due to not listening to staff and a culture of 'its who you know'. Redundancy processes are poorly managed and people are not at the forefront of the business. BME's are tokenised (if they are promoted at all that is) and given no real opportunities to make a difference in company culture. Big job titles are given to those on the grad scheme with 6 months experience compared to those who has grafted hard for their careers. The graduates have no real idea of how to conduct themselves in the workplace and so make up a lot of what they do. Policies such as Maternity leave are only enhanced and looked at for those who it directly impacts and have power."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"When I joined the company lived up to its values of being fair, open and honest. I was given a great induction into the company, as a very separate forward thinking, tech-led business, separate to REED (the agency). This quickly changed.  REED and merged during my time. Employees at were given a sense of opportunity with this merger however, it became very apparent it was a takeover across the business. Within the first 3 months lost 1 People Director, 1 HR Business Partner, 2 HR Advisors, 1 L&D Specialist and 2 Internal Recruiters, all roles of which were not advertised internally but given straight to employees at REED, although management said the roles weren't needed.  Like a domino effect, REED Directors quickly replaced the pushed out board members, systems were removed, processes became archaic and inline with REED, culture changed - flexible working was banished and benefits were stripped. If being a ‘people business’ means getting rid of ’expectant mums’ because they won’t be as ‘focused’ once they’re a mum or making redundancies on a surprise group call of 90+ people then REED have nailed the cliche ‘people centric’ to a tee. Don’t believe the reviews on Glassdoor, they heavily incentivise employees to write good reviews and run internal competitions!"